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Explore the open archaeological data from our digs at Leiston Abbey


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LA_19002LayerSubsoilAnna Roik16-7-2015viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_10019FillFill of ditch [10023] below (10004)Joan Sutherland12-7-2014viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_11011FillFill of ditch [11010]John Cooper11-7-2014viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_16002FillSubsoilJules Hynam15-7-2015viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_11013FillFill of pit [11012]Chris Brown11-7-2014viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_14002LayerSubsoilBen Swain15-7-2015viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_24000LayerMinsmere's western spoil heapBen Bazeley28-7-2015viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_26007Layerfill of [26012] demolition/robber backfillManda Forster20-9-2016viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_26006LayerDemolition layerLisa Westcott Wilkins15-9-2016viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_27006LayerDemolition rubble layerMaiya Pina-Dacier14-9-2016viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_27011LayerLayerNigel Steel15-9-2016viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_27012LayerLayerNigel Steel15-9-2016viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_27019LayerLayer below (27008)Nigel Steel17-9-2016viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_27023Filloccupation layerNigel Steel22-9-2016viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_28006FillTop fill of feature 2801Simon Lloyd20-9-2016viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_28009FillUpper fill in northern section of feature 2801Alan Hitchcock21-9-2016viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_10009LayerBank depositAnna Roik10-7-2014viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_11006FillFill of Gully [11005]Rita Baker10-7-2014viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_11008FillFill of Pit [11007]Chris Swindells10-7-2014viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_11017FillFill of posthole [11016]Matthew Tellier12-7-2014viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_11021FillFill of gully [11020]Rita Baker12-7-2014viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_21002LayerSubsoil containing a high rate of organic wasteJames Geddes15-7-2015viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_25001LayerMinsmere - Abbey Church- Topsoil layerBrendon Wilkins13-9-2016viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_25002LayerSubsoilAnna Van Nostrand13-9-2016viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_26005LayerDemolition layerLisa Westcott Wilkins15-9-2016viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
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