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LA_9008FillFill of post-medieval midden pit [9009]Matthew Juddery18-7-2014viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_10019FillFill of ditch [10023] below (10004)Joan Sutherland12-7-2014viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_11011FillFill of ditch [11010]John Cooper11-7-2014viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_11013FillFill of pit [11012]Chris Brown11-7-2014viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_11017FillFill of posthole [11016]Matthew Tellier12-7-2014viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_11008FillFill of Pit [11007]Chris Swindells10-7-2014viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_11009LayerLayer of upcast material from [11010] creating bank to south of ditchJohn Cooper10-7-2014viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_11021FillFill of gully [11020]Rita Baker12-7-2014viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_8015FillFill of [8016]Matthew Juddery18-7-2014viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_10008FillFill of post hole [10007]Christian Day10-7-2014viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_10009LayerBank depositAnna Roik10-7-2014viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_10010FillFill of post hole [10007] - packing deposit surrounding post slot (10008)Christian Day11-7-2014viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_10014FillFill of post hole [10013]Raksha Dave11-7-2014viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_10015FillFill of post hole [10013]Raksha Dave11-7-2014viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_10017FillFill of [10016] - post hole fillBen Bazeley12-7-2014viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_10021CutCut of small post holeBen Bazeley15-7-2014viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_1009FillFill of Ditch [1008]Ben Bazeley8-7-2013viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_1033FillFill of ditchMike Bamforth19-7-2014viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_1037CutCut of a ditch - equivalent to ditch [1008]Ben Swain19-7-2014viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_1038FillFill of a ditchBen Swain19-7-2014viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_11004FillFill of Gully [11003]Chris Brown10-7-2014viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_11006FillFill of Gully [11005]Rita Baker10-7-2014viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_11015FillFill of Posthole [11014]Chris Swindells11-7-2014viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_11023FillFill of ditch [11010]Rita Baker16-7-2014viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
LA_11024FillFill of ditch [11010]Rita Baker16-7-2014viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
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