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OBC_12001LayerTopsoilJohanna Ungemach6-6-2017viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
OBC_15003LayerUnderlying superficial geologyChris Casswell24-6-2017viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
OBC_18001LayerTopsoil Keith Miller23-6-2017viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
OBC_18002LayerSubsoil Keith Miller23-6-2017viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
OBC_18003LayerLayer Keith Miller23-6-2017viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
OBC_19001LayerTopsoilMaggie Eno25-6-2017viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
OBC_19002LayerSubsoilMaggie Eno25-6-2017viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
OBC_19003LayerPoss cultivation layerMaggie Eno27-6-2017viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
OBC_19005LayerStone surface in silty clayMaggie Eno27-6-2017viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
OBC_20002LayerSubsoilSue Adams1-7-2017viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
OBC_8001LayerTopsoilJohanna Ungemach6-6-2017viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
OBC_9002LayerSubsoilJohanna Ungemach6-6-2017viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
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