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ContextTypeShort DescriptionIssued toIssued onOptions
ELM_4001LayerTopsoilRobert Hamer14-8-2018viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
ELM_4006FillFill of ditch [4005] below ash fill (4026)Nick Borman16-8-2018viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
ELM_1001LayerTopsoilGill Haynes15-8-2017viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
ELM_4050FillFill of rectangular pit orientated East-West in the Southeast of trench 4 Louise Williamson19-8-2018viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
ELM_10008FillCleaning layer in south end of trench 10Roger Thomas22-8-2019viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
ELM_2008FillFill of ditch at south end of trench 2Chris Casswell18-8-2017viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
ELM_3005FillMid brown fill of ditch below (3004)Rick Barnett16-8-2017viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
ELM_4046LayerRaised Layer below topsoil on North-East end of trench 4 Matthew Rowley19-8-2018viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
ELM_4084LayerArea of rubble spread to northeast of central area of Trench. Nearby to walls 4078 4083David Wallace26-8-2020viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
ELM_4159LayerLayer just to the north and east of building near possible cremation Nat Jackson14-8-2021viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
ELM_9010FillFill of ditch [9011]Maggie Eno23-8-2019viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
ELM_9015FillPrimary fill of [9012]Roger Thomas25-8-2019viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
ELM_10001LayerTopsoil - trench 10Bill Balding22-8-2019viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
ELM_10002FillPossible ditch running E-W in North end of Trench 10Patrick Poor20-8-2019viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
ELM_10006FillCut of ditch in centre of trench 10Hannah O'Toole21-8-2019viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
ELM_10007FillChalky fill of ditch in North end of trench 10 excavated by Doug and BillBill Balding22-8-2019viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
ELM_10010FillMottled silty clay fill of ditch in North of trench 10 excavated by Bill and LeahBill Balding22-8-2019viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
ELM_10013FillFill of posthole in West of trench 10 excavated by Caroline McNivenCaroline McNiven23-8-2019viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
ELM_1002LayerSubsoilHannah Brazier15-8-2017viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
ELM_1004FillFill of ditch aligned east to west in east end of trenchGill Haynes16-8-2017viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
ELM_1007LayerChalk stone layer at west end of trench Emma Lacey16-8-2017viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
ELM_1008LayerLayer adjacent to wall feature, west end of trench 1Steve Manus18-8-2017viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
ELM_11001LayerPloughsoil in trench 11Jack Gray17-8-2021viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
ELM_2002LayerSubsoilRebecca Jones15-8-2017viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
ELM_2003LayerMid brown clay at north end of trenchRebecca Jones15-8-2017viewfailed to get markup 'enter'
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