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  • Romano-British pierced ‘spoon’ from Victoria Cave

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    • This Romano-British spoon is 12.4cm long and has been found in the back of Victoria cave, together with almost half of all known spoons in Britain similar to this one. The shaft is carved in barley sugar fashion, with possibly the profile of a duck at the end. With its pierced and almost flat bowl, the spoon’s function is still unknown. It was probably made around 150-250AD. Accessioned in the T Lord Collection.
      • Johanna Ungemach
    • 19-8-2016
    • "(L. 12.4cm) Deeply carved 'barley sugar' spiral shaft with expanded head representing a ?duck in profile. [..] Oval, almost undished bowl with central triangular piercing [..] Two ring and dots below piercing [..] well polished surface with off-white patina."
      • Hugh Fiske
    • 28-8-2016

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  • Context: UTU_3001
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    • Chamber A in Victoria Cave
    • Hugh Fiske
    • 17-8-2016