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  • Romano-British copper alloy bracelet from Victoria Cave

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    • "Bracelet (Max. Int. Di. 6.23cm). Cast, pennannular, circular sectioned (Di. 0.54cm) with crude radial grooving. Plain blunt terminals."
      • Hugh Fiske
    • 28-8-2016
    • Copper alloy bracelet (max. int. diameter 6.23cm) probably 3rd – 4th century. Cast, penannular, circular in section with crude radial grooving. Plain blunt terminals. Many Roman soldiers came from places with strong beliefs about caves, and we now think Victoria was the site of a Romano-British cave cult. It is currently archived in the Tot Lord collection in Yorkshire. ”The Romano-British Archaeology of Victoria Cave, Settle; M.J. Dearne & T.C. Lord, 1998”
      • Nigel Steel
    • 20-12-2016

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  • Context: UTU_3001
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    • Chamber A in Victoria Cave
    • Hugh Fiske
    • 17-8-2016