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Basic Information

  • Bank 03


  • Context: UTU_4001
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    • Victoria Camp
    • Hugh Fiske
    • 18-8-2016


    • Irregular earth bank 0.4 - 0.6m high and 1.0 - 1.5m wide. Butts Bank 04. 384212.50E - 465337.83N - 447.73M This was allocated B03 in Martlew R. 2007. Langcliffe Scar Local Nature Reserve. Archaeological Survey. Yorkshire Dales Landscape Research Trust.
      • Hugh Fiske
    • 18-8-2016

Dating Narrative

    • This bank is one of 12 linear banks that were investigated by an aerial and topographic survey by Roger Martlew in 2007. They are part of a landscape that is assigned to be general Iron Age/Romano British, although there might also have been earlier phases of use of the area. Besides several enclosures, the banks are ‘by far the most extensive remains in the holding’ and have probably been constructed for stock control. In fact, Victoria Camp ‘may be part of a wider area of linear banks and enclosures’. The height of the banks ranges from 0.3 to 0.6m and most of them are irregular earth banks that don’t contain larger stones. Some banks form parts of enclosures, creating various formations, however, the exact chronology and character of associations is difficult to assess – only the overall layout of meeting banks may suggest any kind of dating narrative or relations. Unless comprehensive robbing and reuse of stones for surrounding modern enclosure walls took place across the area, it is likely that the banks have originally been topped by hedges rather than stone walls. This particular bank ‘stops well short’ of the modern wall and butts another bank (B04), which suggests a later origin than that of the adjacent bank (Martlew, R. D. 2007. Langcliffe Scar Local Nature Reserve Archaeological Survey 2007. Yorkshire Dales Landscape Research Trust).
      • Johanna Ungemach
    • 29-9-2016