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Basic Information

  • Passage connecting Chambers A and B


  • Context: UTU_3001
    • file_image
    • Chamber A in Victoria Cave
    • Hugh Fiske
    • 17-8-2016
  • Context: UTU_3002
    • file_image
    • Chamber B in Victoria Cave
    • Nigel Steel
    • 3-1-2017


    • A trench excavated by Tiddeman during the 1870-8 excavations, following the abandonment of the adjacent trench UtU 312. It provided the connection between chambers A and B and was excavated in order to identify lower deposits possibly relating to an earlier interglacial. No earlier interglacial deposits were identified; the bedrock was not reached. A large clay ridge divides this trench from UtU 312. This was allocated VA12 in LUAU 1995 survey (Quartermaine, J. 1995. Victoria and Albert Caves North Yorkshire: Archaeological Survey. Lancaster University Archaeological Unit. Lancaster)
      • Nigel Steel
    • 10-1-2017

Dating Narrative

    • Dating evidence has not been recorded. however, there is likely to be extant archaeological deposits below the present level of this trench. (Chamberlaine 1995)
      • Nigel Steel
    • 10-1-2017