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Basic Information

  • A cave passage containing a flowstone floor in Chamber C


  • Context: UTU_3003
    • Chamber C in Victoria Cave
    • Nigel Steel
    • 3-1-2017


    • A cave passage extending from the end of chamber B, it has currently got a flowstone stalagmite floor which is still forming. The floor level is close to the cave ceiling and human passage is presently difficult. The cave passage has not been explored and the archaeological stratigraphy is on present knowledge undisturbed. The adjacent excavation trench UtU3007 has cut through this stratigraphy which would appear to consist of more than one flowstone floor surface. It has not been possible to survey using an instrument within the tight confines of this passage. This was allocated VA11 in LUAU 1995 survey (Quartermaine, J. 1995. Victoria and Albert Caves North Yorkshire: Archaeological Survey. Lancaster University Archaeological Unit. Lancaster
      • Nigel Steel
    • 10-1-2017

Dating Narrative

    • The archaeological stratigraphy is sealed by a stalagmite floor, providing excellent preservation of deposits (Chamberlaine 1995).
      • Nigel Steel
    • 10-1-2017