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Basic Information

  • Location of the original cave entrance found and used by Michael Horner in 1837-38


  • Context: UTU_3001
    • file_image
    • Chamber A in Victoria Cave
    • Hugh Fiske
    • 17-8-2016


    • This is the location of the original cave entrance prior to the excavations of 1870-8. It was the aperture used by Horner when he discovered the cave and was the aperture used during the Romano-British occupation of the cave. There used to be an upstanding block defining the southern edge of the cave entrance, however this collapsed following the 19th Century excavations. This was allocated VA23 in LUAU 1995 survey (Quartermaine, J. 1995. Victoria and Albert Caves North Yorkshire: Archaeological Survey. Lancaster University Archaeological Unit. Lancaster)
      • Nigel Steel
    • 9-1-2017

Dating Narrative

    • Significant Romano-British deposits were identified both immediately outside and within the narrow cave passage that extended from this opening.
      • Nigel Steel
    • 9-1-2017