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Features at Under the Uplands

Basic Information

  • Ring 02


  • Context: UTU_4001
    • file_image
    • Victoria Camp
    • Hugh Fiske
    • 18-8-2016


    • c. 5m diameter within bank 0.5m high (max) and 1.5 - 2m wide. Scooped into hillslope at SW and built out at NE; within Enclosure 03. 384124.85E - 465237.49N - 460.11M This was allocated R02 in Martlew R. 2007. Langcliffe Scar Local Nature Reserve. Archaeological Survey. Yorkshire Dales Landscape Research Trust.
      • Hugh Fiske
    • 18-8-2016

Dating Narrative

    • This ring is one of 14 relatively small (most of them less than 10m diameter) circular and sub-circular embanked enclosures that were investigated by an aerial and topographic survey by Roger Martlew in 2007. They are part of a landscape that is assigned to be general Iron Age/Romano British, although there might also have been earlier phases of use of the area. The characters of the rings vary – some are surrounded by small enclosures, some are ‘clearly terraced into sloping ground in the manner of hut platforms’, and some might be evidence for mineral working, as their interior is scooped out (Martlew, R. D. 2007. Langcliffe Scar Local Nature Reserve Archaeological Survey 2007. Yorkshire Dales Landscape Research Trust).
      • Johanna Ungemach
    • 29-9-2016


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