Features at Sudeley Castle

Explore the open archaeological data from our digs at Sudeley Castle

Basic Information

  • N-S aligned potential Tudor garden boundary wall. Same wall as F703


  • Context: SUD_8005
    • file_image
    • N-S aligned wall running through centre of trench 8. Same as 7009 discovered in 2019 season
    • Christopher Lewis Holgate
    • 21-10-2021
  • Context: SUD_8013
    • file_image
    • Fill of wall foundation 8012 in slot to west of wall in trench 8
    • Sarah Bradley
    • 26-10-2021
  • Context: SUD_11002
    • file_image
    • N-S aligned potential Tudor garden wall
    • Alexis Kyriacou
    • 30-10-2021


    • North to South aligned sandstone wall from the Tudor gardens, roughly finished and using a drystone method. Assumed to be the same wall that extends into trench 11 and was possibly robbed out by the antiquarian Emma Dent
      • David Wallace
    • 11-2-2022

Dating Narrative

  • No Interpretations