Features at Sudeley Castle

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Basic Information

  • Earthen mound


  • Context: SUD_6018
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    • Earthen mound. Layer below circular bank (6006)
    • Kelli Farr
    • 1-6-2019


    • The earliest feature in the trench is an earthen mound (F601) which appears to have been created by scooping up the sub-soil to create an artificial structure which correlates with the mound structure observed in Trench 7 (F701) and is likely to be contemporaneous. It is composed of a light reddish-brown silty sand with occasional medium moderate and small sub-angular stones poorly sorted (6018), which is similar in composition to the sub-soil remnant (6002). It was visible in the section of a ditch (F602). This indicates that the mound was constructed initially of this material scooped up into an earthen mound from the land surface as an element of the construction of the Tudor garden extension.
      • Stuart Noon
    • 22-7-2019

Dating Narrative

    • 1570's
      • Stuart Noon
    • 22-7-2019