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Short Description:
The fill of stone filled drain
Issued to
DigVentures | 24/05/2019


    • Soak away to protect Tudor garden, channelling water from the bank
      • Paul Ford
    • 24-5-2019
    • The stratigraphical relationship of the drain is not clear. It appears to be under the top soil possibly cut through the hardcore cap (F706), (7005). This drain did cut through a layer of reddish-brown silty sand with occasional medium and mod sub-angular stones poorly sorted exactly matching the sub-soil (7002). It is also possible that the layers of a clay cap (F707), (7004) and the hardcore cap (F706), (7005) originally abutted the drain and that it is contemporary. It appears to be a soakaway probably constructed to drain the Tudor Garden. Considering that it was filled with sculptured stone fragments probably relating to stones taken from Winchcombe Abbey in January 1547 by Thomas Seymour indicated by the 1420 makers mark on one of the stones it is likely to be contemporaneous with the construction of the Tudor Garden platform in the 1570’s but this relationship is not clear at this time.
      • Stuart Noon
    • 27-6-2019

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  • Compaction varied as the fill was a mixture of clay and silty soils. Clay areas were generally very compact, while silty areas were quite loose
  • Mid brownish-grey
  • Silty clay
  • 50% sub-angular stones poorly sorted - lots of the stones seem to be reused building material as they are dressed stones one with 1420 makers mark
  • Length 3.00m Width 0.60m Depth 0.40m
  • Hand trowelled in very hot, dry sunny weather. Decision was made in the afternoon to use sprinklers to water the trench


FindtypeQuantity (No. fragments)Weight (g)Notes
Stone 21 8591 worked (2019)
Animal Bone 1 7 tooth (2019)
Animal Bone 1 1 (2019)
Pot 1 2 Decorated glaze (2019)
Other (add to description) 1 10 Mortar (2019)


  • Feature: SUD_702
    • Cut [7006] of drain that had a sharp break of slope at the top with steep sides and a slightly concave base measuring .80m wide and 3.00m long within the trench. It was filled by reddish-brown silty clay with frequent small and medium stones some sculptured (7007).


  • Plan: sud_7
    • Plan of trench 7 and strat not to scale
    • Stuart Noon
    • 24-7-2019


  • Find: SUD_8
    • file_image
    • Painted masonry
    • Stone
  • Find: SUD_16
    • file_image
    • Green glaze pottery sherd
    • Ceramic
  • Find: SUD_27
    • file_image
    • Worked stone with Mason’s mark
    • Stone
  • Find: SUD_28
    • file_image
    • Worked stone with paint on two sides
    • Stone
  • Find: SUD_29
    • file_image
    • Worked stone with paint
    • Stone

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