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Short Description:
Rubble layer visible protruding from Northern LOE central to Trench 8
Issued to


    • Rubble spread that may possibly be related to the demolition of the N-S aligned wall in trench 8, or contemporary with a later phase of activity on the site possibly to do with the ornamental gardens
      • Ben Swain
    • 21-10-2021

Sketch Photo

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Stratigraphic Matrix

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  • Moderately compact
  • Dark yellowish brown
  • Clayey silt
  • 20-30% inclusions of small to medium sized sub angular sandstone pieces
  • Length - 2.45m Width - 2.30m Thickness - 0.50m
  • Hand Ex/sunny


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Animal Bone


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Site Photos

  • Photo: SUD_216894
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    • W looking photo of rubble (8004) in Trench 8. 1m scale
  • Photo: SUD_217108
    • file_image
    • Record photo of SF43. 0.2m scale


  • Find: SUD_43
    • file_image
    • Carved ball rose. Broken at the back, looks like it broke of a large piece of stone.

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