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Short Description:
Clay capping outer bank. Equal to (6005).
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Maiya Pina-Dacier | 03/06/2019


    • Clay capping on outer bank
      • Gemma Lawrence
    • 12-6-2019

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Stratigraphic Matrix


  • Mid brown
  • Clay




  • Feature: SUD_604
    • The earliest feature in the trench is an artificial layer construction (F601). It was composed of a light reddish-brown silty sand (ratch) visible in the section of a ditch (F602). This is likely to have been created by digging up the surrounding sub-soil (ratch) to create an artificial structure correlating with the construction of the mound structure observed in Trench 7 (F701) and is likely to be contemporaneous. On top of this layer was a hardcore cap (F603) constructed of a yellowish-brown sandy clay with medium sub-angular stones moderately sorted. This was then capped with a brown clay (F604) as an apparent waterproof layer. Together these layers formed an outer and inner bank. The banks were marked on the archae-topographical and magnetometry survey and must be a direct correlate (Fradley et al, 2014).


  • Plan: SUD_6
    • Sketch plan of Trench 6. Scale approx.
    • Stuart Noon
    • 24-7-2019

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  • Maiya Pina-Dacier 3-6-2019
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