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  • Rectangular copper object

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    • Axle housing. Rectangular copper alloy block with half cylindrical cut-away. Inner diameter of cut-away approximately 50mm. Dimensions - length 104.32mm, width 40.42mm, height 57.65mm. Weight 873.4g.
      • David Wallace
    • 2-2-2022
    • The axle-mount was cast from a high lead copper alloy (Cu-85%, Pb – 11%) with 4% of other alloying elements present (Zn, Sn, Sb and As). A high lead alloy would be an excellent choice for an axle mount as the lead would act as a lubricant. According to Brownsword’s classification the axle mount composition corresponds to that from the Coastal Region dating to the 13th-14th CE. The presence of iron staining in the axle-pivot suggests either an iron axle or a wooden axle sheathed in iron. The diameter of the axle would be circa 50mm (2 inches). McDonnell, G. (2021)
      • Edwin Lambert
    • 11-3-2022

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  • Context: PON_1079
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    • Greyish brown silting in drawbridge pit
    • Chris Casswell
    • 5-2-2020