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    • Pierced token (Jetton). Dimensions - diameter 24.0mm, thickness 0.4mm. Weight 1.13g.
      • David Wallace
    • 2-2-2022
    • Object: Nuremberg ship-penny jetton anonymous issue. Obverse description: stylised ship facing left with mast and ropes, letter G at the top of mast. A single flag at both ends of the ship. Obverse legend: VOLGVE : LA : GALLEE : DE : FRA[NCE] - let the French galley sail. Reverse description: Four lis in a lozenge with three annulets on each side. Reverse legend: [VIV] E : LE : BOn : ROV : DE : FRAnCE - Hail the good king of France. Place of manufacture: Nuremberg. Material: Copper-alloy. Weight: 2g. Diameter: 24mm. Die Axis: 330-340 degrees. Date: c.1490-c.1550. Notes: The ship-penny jettons were produced in Nuremberg for the French market, but they circulated more widely and are common finds in England. This example has a die error in the reverse legend, it reads ROV instead of ROI. Spelling mistakes are common on jettons as they were mass produced, sometimes the legends are completely meaningless, and these legends are known as fictitious legends. There is a small circular perforation, which suggests that this piece was turned into an item of jewellery or personal adornment. (Savage, c. (2021)
      • Edwin Lambert
    • 11-3-2022

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    • Topsoil
    • Indie Jago
    • 11-10-2019