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    • Object: clipped silver penny. Classification: Unknown. Obverse description: largely illegible but the remains of a bust indicate it was minted in the mid fourteenth to fifteenth century. Obverse legend: illegible. Reverse description: illegible. Reverse legend: long, single cross dividing reverse, three pellets in the legible quarters, quatrefoil in centre of cross. Mint: York (Ecclestiastical). Material: Silver. Weight: (not reported) . Diameter: 16mm. Die Axis: uncertain. Date: 1351-1489. Notes: The coin is in poor condition and it is not possible to provide an exact identification. However, the surviving detail suggests that this is a penny that was issued from Edward III's fourth coinage, which was introduced in 1351 to Henry VII's reforms in 1489. Hoard evidence demonstrates that fourteenth and fifteenth century coins circulated together until the early sixteenth century. (Savage, C. (2021)
      • Edwin Lambert
    • 11-3-2022

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  • Context: PON_1076
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    • Orange brown sand bellow (1075) in drawbridge pit
    • Nat Jackson
    • 2-11-2019