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    • Possible copper alloy coin or token with with possible pellets, but very heavily worn and with abraded edges. Dimensions - diameter 14.2mm, thickness 1.1mm. Weight 0.65g.
      • David Wallace
    • 2-2-2022
    • Object: clipped silver penny of Edward IV (r.1461-70 and 1471-83). Classification: Second reign, Type XXI, uncertain initial mark. Obverse description: Crowned bust facing, letter B to the left of bust and key to the right. Obverse legend: illegible. Reverse description: Long, single cross dividing reverse, three pellets in each quarter, quatrefoil in centre of cross. Reverse legend: illegible. Mint: York (Ecclestiastical under Archbishop Lawrence Booth). Material: Silver. Weight: 1g. Diameter: 12.5mm. Die Axis: uncertain. Date: 1476-80. Notes: This penny of Edward IV is clipped (edges of the coin removed for its silver, which was an illegal practice). Clipped pennies of Edward IV are common and are common finds across England. Coins of Edward IV produced at York are found across the country in both hoards and single finds. Though this coin was produced between 1476-80 it could have been lost in the early sixteenth century. A terminus anti quem can be 1544 when the great debasement in England under Henry VIII sent the majority of later fifteenth and early sixteenth century coins into the melting pot. (Savage, C. (2021)
      • Edwin Lambert
    • 11-3-2022

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    • Indie Jago
    • 11-10-2019