Features at Pontefract Castle

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Basic Information

  • Civil War redan


  • Context: PON_1018
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    • Masonry wall
    • Indie Jago
    • 11-10-2019


    • Bonded to the outer face of the eastern gatehouse tower and the circular tower in front was a later piece of masonry F118. No attempt had been made to tie the masonry into the Phase 2 gatehouse structure, rather it had been cemented onto the outside. It extended to the east, at right angles to the curve of the circular tower but was in poorer condition than the earlier remains having been truncated by later landscaping activity. The coursing was much thinner, comprising eight courses to a height of 1.36m, but just the southern side of the structure lay within the trench.
      • Indie Jago
    • 27-4-2021
    • Phase 4 – Civil War defences (mid 17th century). Dating this feature was difficult but it seems likely this angular addition to the outside of the gatehouse tower was a redans relating to Civil War fortifications.
      • Indie Jago
    • 27-4-2021

Dating Narrative

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