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  • Copper alloy coin

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    • Coin. Diameter - 29.9mm, thickness0.7mm. Weight 3.37g.
      • David Wallace
    • 2-2-2022
    • Object: Venus type jetton. Obverse description: Austro-Burgundian shield in five parts, first part is three horizontal lines, second is three lis, third is three oblique lines, fourth is a lion rampant and the fifth is a lion rampant in an escutcheon. Crown and garniture above shield. Obverse legend: Nonsensical fictitious legend. [..]RO?[...VAOn[...]DEVVn?[...} Reverse description: illegible. Reverse legend: illegible. Place of manufacture: Antwerp. Material: Copper-alloy. Weight: 4g. Diameter: 30mm. Die Axis: uncertain. Date: c.1490-c.1550. Notes: The Venus jettons were produced in the city of Antwerp for the city's merchants during the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries when the city's commercial power was at its height. There are numerous finds of this type of jetton in England and they probably entered England through commercial contacts with the Low Countries. (Savage, C. (2021)
      • Edwin Lambert
    • 11-3-2022

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  • Context: PON_1064
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    • Silty clay on top of (1063)
    • Nat Jackson
    • 29-10-2019