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Features at Oldbury Camp

Basic Information

  • Cow burial


  • Context: OBC_17003
    • Cut of pit
    • Lauren Nofi
    • 3-7-2017
  • Context: OBC_17004
    • Fill of 17003
    • Lauren Nofi
    • 29-6-2017


    • 19th or early 20th century cow burial
      • Chris Casswell
    • 7-7-2017
    • Ploughsoil was identified following the removal of topsoil, as was a large pit F1701, at the eastern end of the trench. The pit had been deliberately created following the formation of ploughsoil and contained the poorly preserved, fully articulated remains of a cow in its base.
      • Chris Casswell
    • 1-5-2018

Dating Narrative

    • Artefact recovery was very limited but included a post medieval copper alloy die-cast stud SF14 found in the lower ploughsoil and fragments from a possible perforated strap end of similar date from the pit fill. These relatively late finds were recovered from deposits stratigraphically pre-dating the excavation of the pit and confirm that the cow burial was recent.
      • Chris Casswell
    • 1-5-2018
    • The thickness of the ploughsoil in Trench 17 had accumulated to 0.75m suggesting that Field 2 had been cultivated well into the post-medieval period, although not to quite the same depth as in Field 6.
      • Chris Casswell
    • 1-5-2018


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