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  • Iron Key

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    • Large iron key with 4 wards of which that closest to the bow has a rectangular cleft. The other wards were probably originally clefts but have corroded over. In form the door key is probably a Ward-Perkins (1940; 1993, 135) Type VIIA, a common form which dates from the fourteenth or fifteenth centuries. The object is similar to NARC-C02FC7, SUSS-OB9568 and KeyLON-3202CBon the Portable Antiquities database. The length is 110mm; width is 45mm, thickness 8mm and the weight 54.58g.
      • Stuart Noon
    • 18-12-2015

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From Context

  • Context: LA_21002
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    • Subsoil containing a high rate of organic waste
    • James Geddes
    • 15-7-2015