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Trenches at Leiston Abbey

  • The Western Area

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  • Trench 12 was inserted in the centre-north of the Western Area on an E-W orientation and measuring 20 x 3 metres. Topsoil (12001) was removed by machine, coming down onto an archaeologically sterile natural layer. A continuation of the water channel observed in Trench 13 was identified, but no artefacts were recovered from a sondage excavated to ascertain it’s depth, and no further excavation was conducted within the trench.

3-D Models

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  • Plan: LA_7
    • Post-Ex plan of trench 12 drawn at 1:20
    • Ben Swain
    • 22-7-2014


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  • Context: LA_12001
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    • Topsoil Deposit
    • Kezia Evans
    • 9-7-2014
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