Samples at Leiston Abbey

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Condition of Deposit

Original Sample Questions

  • To recover finds, and provide general background environamental information. Category B
  • Charcoal recovered from this deposit. recent cut for modern fence

Original Sample Volume

  • 40

Light Fraction

  • Not set
  • 1

Heavy Fraction

  • Not set
  • 1
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Sample Status

  • The sample of dried 'flots' was collected by the Digventures team in a 25micron mesh seive. these were then scanned by Lisa Gray using binocular stereo-microscopy at 10-40x. The quality of preservation and the diversity and taxa were recorded.
  • just charcoal Heavy residue - 1287g Light residue - 1452g


  • Context: LA_20007
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    • Recent cut for modern fence
    • Xose Gago
    • 26-7-2015

Record Details

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