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Condition of Deposit

Original Sample Questions

  • Finds/enviro
  • Sample taken from the base of a ditch terminus

Original Sample Volume

  • 60

Light Fraction

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  • 1

Heavy Fraction

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  • 4
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Sample Status

  • Light Fraction taken for analysis Sample Weights (g) >4mm - 2141 >2mm - 512 >1mm - 365 <1mm - 20 Light Fraction - 25 >4mm Residue Weights (g) CBM - 5 Flint - 13 Seeds - 40 Residue - 2110 Weight includes bag - 4g
  • A bag of ‘seeds’ from sample <48> (post-medieval ditch F103) were presented for assessment. These sub-ovoid, granular objects averaging c5mm in diameter were not seeds. When broken they revealed small fragments of grit bound with silt. It is possible that these are calcium carbonate earthworm granules (Canti 2003) that have begun to accrete surrounding silt and grit. The fragments examined in this case are slightly larger than fresh earthworm granules but with years of gradual accretion they may have grown in size. One of these fragments was smooth, magnetic and not breakable. If these are earthworm granules they add to the opposability that earthworm activity has had a significant taphonomic effect on the stratigraphy of the site and that movement of seeds and grains after burial is possible.


  • Context: LA_1037
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    • Cut of a ditch - equivalent to ditch [1008]
    • Ben Swain
    • 19-7-2014

Record Details

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  • Nathaniel Jackson 21-7-2014
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