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Condition of Deposit

Original Sample Questions

  • What biological remains are present? What are the characteristics of this assemblage? What was the function of the feature? What were the local environmental conditions like? Was it waterlogged? What is the date of the feature?
  • Forwarded to Lisa Grey for assessment.

Original Sample Volume

  • 20

Light Fraction

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Heavy Fraction

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Sample Status

  • Light Fraction taken for analysis Sample Weights (g) >4mm - 3050 >2mm - 778 >1mm - 436 <1mm - 59 Light Fraction - 8 >4mm Residue Weights (g) CBM - 89 Bone - 12 Metal - 14 Residue - 2865 Weight includes bag - 4g
  • Charred cereal grains were found in low numbers in samples. The charred plant remains consisted of fragments of charcoal of identifiable size (>4mm2). The quality of preservation of most of these charred remains were poor and the absence of chaff to aid cereal grain identification means that the level of identification will only be to family, genus level or at most ‘cf’ species. Contained a minute fragment of woven textile.


  • Context: LA_8015
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    • Fill of [8016]
    • Matthew Juddery
    • 18-7-2014

Record Details

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  • Frances North 18-7-2014
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