Samples at Leiston Abbey

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Condition of Deposit

Original Sample Questions

  • Ditch has no finds recovered so far - and function of feature unknown. Sampled for immediate feedback to excavation team. Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction and dating.
  • Forwarded for assessment to Lisa Grey

Original Sample Volume

  • 50

Light Fraction

  • Not set
  • 1

Heavy Fraction

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Sample Status

  • Processed and Assessed (2013)
  • sample <1> (medieval ditch) contained low numbers of earthworm egg capsules. Uncharred (uncharred and unmineralised) seeds were present in the form of low numbers of ruderal, scrub and grassland plants; elderberry (Sambucus nigra), buttercup (Ranunculus acris/repens/bulbosus), blackberry/raspberry (Rubus fruiticosus/idaeus) and stitchwort (Stellaria media) seeds.


  • Context: LA_1009
    • file_image
    • Fill of Ditch [1008]
    • Ben Bazeley
    • 8-7-2013

Record Details

  • Not set
  • Raksha Dave 4-7-2013
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