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  • Hammered silver penny

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    • A Medieval silver hammered penny based on the style of the central fleur of the crown, and the reverse legend is an Edward II class 11a. The letter E and C is closed and both have a rounded back. The style of the reverse legend also suggests and Edward II and not Edward I. The mint is Bury St Edmunds, and the reverse legend reads as VILL'S[CI EDMV]NDI. The obverse legend reads as EDWA [R ANGL DNS hYB]. Initial mark is a cross Pattee. Date is c. 1310-1314. North 1060. The date of final deposition of this coin can be estimated by its weight and cross-referenced with the known weight periods after 1279.
      • Stuart Noon
    • 1-9-2013

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  • Context: LA_7015
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    • Deposit
    • Ben Bazeley
    • 15-7-2013