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    • This heavily worn copper alloy ring is of uncertain date and type. Copper alloy rings can be horse harness furniture rings or personal trappings such as suspension loop/belt loops. Rings of the type of this object are problematic as no thorough research is extent and they probably do not change much in form from the Roman to the medieval periods. The object was discovered in a layer provisionally dated to the mid-16th Century by the presence of a glazed red earthenware pot sherd. The angular section of the ring suggests a Medieval date of 1200 to 1500 AD. This would suggest the date of this object is on the late side of the date range assigned
      • Stuart Noon
    • 8-12-2014

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  • Context: LA_10020
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    • Silty clay layer
    • Ben Bazeley
    • 15-7-2014