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  • Copper alloy strip.

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    • This object is made from a copper alloy folded sheet and is possibly a pair of tweezers from a chatelaine set, but could also be a copper sheet offcut. The object appears to have have two leaves that meet with an oval intersection and are parallel sided for half of the length flaring out to turn and form a 5.8mm pinch. The edges are square and sharply defined suggesting that they have been cut from sheet metal and they are undecorated. The possible pair of tweezers could be Roman to early Medieval in date, 200 to 700AD, but could conceivable also be much later, even up to the post-Medieval if they are an offcut.
      • Stuart Noon
    • 8-12-2014

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  • Context: LA_10009
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    • Bank deposit
    • Anna Roik
    • 10-7-2014