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  • Small copper alloy buckle

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    • A small cast copper alloy double looped asymmetrical buckle dating 1575 – 1700 AD. The buckle has one trapezoidal and one ‘D’ shaped loop with a rectangular knop projecting outwards from the centre of the ‘D’ shaped loop. The strap bar has iron corrosion around the pin rest and buckle frame, indicating that there was a forked pin and that it would have been made from iron. The buckle is bevelled on the inside and outside of the edges with lobed protrusions at either side and is flat and undecorated on the reverse.
      • Stuart Noon
    • 8-12-2014

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  • Small copper alloy buckle with corroded remains of iron pin. Unstratified metal detector find from spoil heap

From Context

  • Context: LA_10001
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    • Topsoil Deposit
    • James Earley
    • 9-7-2014