Features at Leiston Abbey

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Basic Information

  • Post-medieval rubbish pit


  • Context: LA_9005
    • file_image
    • Backfill - Fill of post-medieval rubbish pit [9016]
    • Matthew Juddery
    • 17-7-2014
  • Context: LA_9016
    • file_image
    • Cut of post-medieval rubbish pit
    • Matthew Juddery
    • 21-7-2014


    • Cutting into drainage ditch feature F905 was a post-medieval pit feature (F904), which was filled with a dark black-brown clayey silt (9005). This pit feature (F904) was truncated by two earlier post-medieval pit features, F901 and F902.
      • Kezia Evans
    • 5-12-2014

Dating Narrative

    • Finds recovered from the pit feature fill (9005) included a medieval copper alloy jetton (SF 49) along with a wide range of sherds of different types of pottery dating to the late 15th Century.
      • Kezia Evans
    • 7-10-2014