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Short Description:
Deposit - topsoil
Issued to
Brendon Wilkins | 07/07/2013


    • Topsoil - rough ground at south of abbey supporting long grass vegetation. Pottery dating to the 16th to 17th centuries (4 mixed body sherds) and 21 small fragments of animal bone were recovered from this context. A small pendant, likely to be early modern was also recovered (SF98). Deposit also included CBM, mortar, and occasional small fragments of dressed limestone, probably from window surrounds.
      • Brendon Wilkins
    • 7-7-2013

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Stratigraphic Matrix

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  • Moderate
  • Mid grey-brown
  • sandy silt
  • Vegetation. Pottery : 2 pieces of Late Medieval Transitional Ware LMTI (P401), 1 piece of Late Medival Transitonal Ware LMTII (P402) datint to ca. 14th - 16th Century and 1 piece each of Glazed Red Earthen Ware (P425) 16th - 19th Century and English Ware (P438) 1680+ Animal bone (21 small fragments) A small pendant (LA13SF no. 4) CBM, mortar, occasional small fragments of dressed limestone, probably from window surrounds
  • width: 2.70+ length: 5.00+ depth: 0.12
  • After stripping sod, thin layer of topsoil remained
  • By hand; trowel


FindtypeQuantity (No. fragments)Weight (g)Notes
Pot 5 62 L17thC P401, P402, P425, P438
Animal Bone
Ceramic Building Material


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  • Find: LA_98
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    • Pendant
    • Glass
  • Find: LA_99
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    • Pendant

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