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Contexts at Leiston Abbey

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Short Description:
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Ben Bazeley | 12/07/2013


    • Compact, mid yellow brown silty clay with frequent cobbles predominantly on the western side of the feature), broken bricks and mortar inclusions (predominantly on the west of the feature). This was interpreted as a yard or outer working surface, set into the cut [5013]
      • Brendon Wilkins
    • 28-8-2014
    • Linear feature at southern end of trench, cobbles predominate to the west, bricks to the east. Floor surface overlying (5013) rather than a structure. - Kerrie Hoffman
      • Kezia Evans
    • 12-7-2013

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Stratigraphic Matrix

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  • Moderate
  • mid yellow-brown
  • silty clay.
  • Frequent cobbles predominantly on the western side of the feature. Broken bricks and mortar inclusions predominantly on the west of the feature.
  • width: 3.00 length: 0.60+ depth: 0.12+
  • Actual surface unexcavated, surrounding layers removed.


FindtypeQuantity (No. fragments)Weight (g)Notes
Ceramic Building Material


  • Feature: LA_501
    • Remains of post medieval agricultural building and yard

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