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Short Description:
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Brendon Wilkins | 06/07/2013


    • Blue-grey clay, appeared as fill with occasional fragments of tile. Truncated by [4012]. Easier to trowel, became unclear as to whether fill or waterlogged clay which had tile pressed into it. Moat floods and has standing water for some time during winter.
      • Kerry Ely
    • 6-7-2013
    • Soft blue grey clay, similar context as deposit (4015), had likely formed as water settled in the moat as standing water on the north side of the ditch. Occasional tile found impressed into context edge and charcoal, and a small quantity of modern porcelain also recovered. Truncated by later recut [4012].
      • Kezia Evans
    • 5-12-2014

Sketch Photo

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Stratigraphic Matrix


  • Soft
  • blue-grey
  • clay
  • Degraded chalk
  • width: 0.40 length: 1.90+ depth: 0.60
  • Similar to deposit (4015). Truncated by later recut [4012] Fill of [4018]
  • mattock and trowel


FindtypeQuantity (No. fragments)Weight (g)Notes
Ceramic Building Material


  • Feature: LA_401
    • Moat feature with subsequent recuts

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