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Short Description:
Small shell midden deposit
Issued to
Ed Caswell | 23/09/2016


    • During mattocking of context 28008 a very notable density of shell was foun. When the trench section was cleaned this revealed a dense deposit of shell clearly in section which went deep into the section wall (material of which was taken as a sample), This is certainly a midden and highlights that the diffuse nature of the material culture found at similar levels is unlikely to be the result of taphanomic processes suggesting that the remaining fills of feature 28001 were not primarily refuse deposits
      • Ed Caswell
    • 26-9-2016

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Stratigraphic Matrix

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  • Medium.
  • Dark brown soil
  • Sandy silt
  • Shell 90%
  • Length - 0.25m+ Width - 0.8m+ Depth - 0.3m
  • A very dense selection of shells far greater than that seen anywhere else in the trench
  • Mattocking in sunny conditions


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  • Sample: LA_106
    • Ed Caswell
    • 25-9-2016

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