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Short Description:
Slow accumulation layer over natural showing roots
Issued to
Ed Caswell | 23/09/2016


    • only occasional cultural material was found in this layer and the colour showed irregular mixing with the natural sand found below (much like context 28018). However it is a clear deposit above natural showing deep well formed incursions due to long rooting plants. This has probably been created through a period of flooding within feature 28001 which lasted long enough for plants to cement themselves within the layer, the presence of occasional shell and bone might indicate a human use of this feature
      • Ed Caswell
    • 26-9-2016

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Stratigraphic Matrix

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  • loose
  • brownish orange
  • sandy silt
  • 1% small pebbles
  • Length - 2.34m+ Width -1m+ Depth -0.38m
  • Mattocking in sunny conditions


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  • Plan: LA_42
    • Plan of trench 28 at end of excavation
    • Ed Caswell
    • 25-9-2016

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