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Short Description:
Ditch fill of cut [26009]
Issued to
Johanna Ungemach | 15/09/2016


    • Construction cut backfill for construction of robbed out wall - see demo layer (26005)
      • Raksha Dave
    • 23-9-2016
    • Excavation within sondage has changed the interpretation of this context - this is actually a silting up event within the cut of drainage ditch [26009]. This suggests that the ditch was open for a period of time which resulted in the silting up of the ditch through erosion and natural processes.
      • Raksha Dave
    • 26-9-2016

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Stratigraphic Matrix

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  • Loose
  • Mid brown
  • Sandy silt
  • Small sub rounded and sub angular pebbles with charcoal flecks and chalk frags
  • Length - 3.60m Width - 0.80m Depth - 0.10m
  • Excavated in sondage - please look at post excavation plan number 41 for details.
  • Dry and sunny. Excavated with mattock,trowel, shovel and spade.


FindtypeQuantity (No. fragments)Weight (g)Notes
Other (add to description) 2 223 Mortar


  • Feature: LA_2601
    • Drainage ditch and bank which was later adapted into a causeway. The ditch is one of the latest phases on site that truncates earlier deposits in trench 26 including the demolition phase of the abbey.

Site Photos

  • Photo: LA_163410
    • file_image
    • Trench 26 mid-excavation, facing West
  • Photo: LA_163411
    • file_image
    • Trench 26 mid-excavation, facing East

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