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Short Description:
wall foundation rubble
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Joan Sutherland | 28/07/2015


    • A wall, looks medieval judging by lime mortar and cobbles, and the parallel nature of it to the rest of the abbey, following the same line . perhaps part of the infirmary?
      • Ben Bazeley
    • 7-8-2015

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  • Cobbles and mortar (lime), as well as chalk
  • Cobbles roughly averaging between 10 - 20cm, chalk pieces small 5cm or less
  • None, foundation
  • not enough left to comment
  • Foundation rubble for a wall
  • no faces apparent
  • Lime mortar, elements of chalk, light whitish grey
  • length: 1m known within slot Width/thickness: between 60 - 70 cm, degraded in some parts (see plan) depth: unknown, only uncovered, was about 32 cm below top of test pit
  • although clearly a wall, plough damage and weathering have reduced this structure to almost nothing




  • Feature: LA_2301
    • Wall foundation rubble


  • Plan: LA_34
    • Post-Ex Section of Trench 23
    • Ben Bazeley
    • 26-7-2015

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