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Short Description:
Masonry - Foundations of refectory
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Raksha Dave | 27/07/2015


    • Stepped out foundation course made of hardcore rubble courses. No construction cut was observed for the foundation wall, suggesting that it was likely built into a terrace platform into the natural slope, with floor surface (14006) and consolidation layer (14007) abutting.
      • Raksha Dave
    • 27-7-2015

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  • Flint, chalk and limestone
  • Various sizes: Ranging from smallest 20mm x 50mm x 40mm to largest 270mm x185mm x 350mm
  • Roughly hewn
  • Irregular
  • Internal foundation wall
  • South
  • sand and lime with crushed chalk fragments
  • Excavated in sondage only and limit of excavation. Upper courses ran the width of trench at 2.50m Depth 0.48m and height 0.56m
  • Base of the courses revealed during excavation and seen in sondage.


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  • Feature: LA_1402
    • Refectory structure

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