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Ivan Clowsley


  • My career is as a Signalman and I’ve been working on the railway for 30 years. I love visiting Museums and interesting places on my travels world wide, I also follow the England Cricket team home abroad when I get the chance. I'm always on the look out for digs to take part in and have done excavations covering Prehistory to the First World War. I'm a Time Team Academy member, which encompasses Dig Village. I'm also a CBA Wessex member and have been taking part in WAFA Wessex Archaeology Field Academy in 2014.
  • I knew several people who'd taken part at the Flag Fen dig and they'd said how good it was so I decided to go to Leiston Abbey with a few of them.
  • My highlight was just doing archaelogy on a 'virgin' site and meeting some great people who have now become friends.

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