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Finds at Leiston Abbey

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  • Nuremberg jetton

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Registered Find Basics


    • A Rose/orb jeton of Hans Krauwinckel II from Nuremberg, Germany. On the obverse the legend states ‘HANNS KRAVWINCKEL IN NV’ (Hans Krauwinckel in Nurember) and on the reverse states ‘GOTES SEGEN MACHT REICH’ (God’s blessing maketh rich’. The jeton is decorated with three crowns alternating with three lis arranged around a central rose on the obverse and an imperial orb within a double tressure of three arges and three angles. The high density of artefacts ranging from medieval to post-medieval in the bank indicates evidence of the maintenance of the bank, and the date of the jeton would fit with this interpretation
      • Stuart Noon
    • 19-11-2014

3-D Models


  • Reduced level 17.10m AoD

From Context

  • Context: LA_10004
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    • Bank deposit
    • Anna Roik
    • 10-7-2014
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