Features at Leiston Abbey

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Basic Information

  • Posthole


  • Context: LA_1030
    • file_image
    • Cut of a post hole
    • Nathaniel Jackson
    • 19-7-2014
  • Context: LA_1031
    • file_image
    • Fill of post hole
    • Nathaniel Jackson
    • 19-7-2014


    • Posthole feature F101 was oval in shape with rounded sides leading to a rounded base and was defined by light brown clayey silt with occasional chalk flecks and charcoal inclusions. This posthole feature (F101) did not seem to bear any great resemblance to the other posthole features within the trench and produced very few finds.
      • Kezia Evans
    • 1-12-2014

Dating Narrative

    • No dating narrative
      • Kezia Evans
    • 7-10-2014