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Registered Find Basics


    • Post medieval cosmetic spoon - parallels found in Norfolk made of silver
      • Matthew Juddery
    • 22-7-2014
    • An incomplete cast copper alloy spoon that could be an ear scoop, hoof or medical instrument, probably from a chatelaine set. The implement has a small rounded scoop at one end which appears to be complete. The shank below is narrower with an S-twisted (barley twist) handle and tapers out to the break. This object could be Roman to early Medieval in date 200 to 700AD, though a 14th to 16th century date is more probable.
      • Stuart Noon
    • 8-12-2014

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From Context

  • Context: LA_9006
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    • Fill of pit [9007]. Slump of pit edge.
    • Matthew Juddery
    • 18-7-2014