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Ben Bazeley | 09/07/2013


    • Charcoal layer indicative of burning taking place on site. Frequent pieces of reg & metal gauze indicative of burning.b
      • Ben Bazeley
    • 9-7-2013
    • Mid to Dark grey brown clay sand, with frequent charcoal, and frequent fragments of CBM and clinker. Deposit localised to the northeastern part of the trench (step 3), and extending beyond the limit of excavation. Overlies Deposit (7004). A lead Papal Bulla (SF97) of Pope Clement VI dating between 1342 and 1352 was recovered from this context.
      • Kezia Evans
    • 9-12-2014

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  • Loose
  • mid-dark grey-brown
  • clay/sand
  • frequent charcoal inclusions frequent fragments of CBM and clinker. A papal bulla was recovered from this context (LA13SF No. 3)
  • width: 1.80+ length: 0.90+
  • Localised to the north eastern part of the trench (step 3) and extending beyond the limit of the excavation. Overlies deposit (7004).
  • Hot and dry


FindtypeQuantity (No. fragments)Weight (g)Notes
Ceramic Building Material
Lead Object


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  • Find: LA_97
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    • Papal Bulla
    • Lead

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