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Ben Bazeley | 11/07/2013


    • Fall layer - tiles collapsed. All tiles kept to be weighed. Diagnostic pieces with nail holes kept separately - Kerrie Hoffman
      • Kezia Evans
    • 11-7-2013
    • Mid brown clay layer, predominantly composed of broken and crushed CBM, including brick and roof tile fragments dating to the late medieval to early post-medieval periods, concentrated in the eastern part of the trench, with diffuse boundaries into adjacent deposits (5009 & 5007). Slag, modern glass and a small piece of oyster shell also recovered.
      • Kezia Evans
    • 5-12-2014
    • CBM report by Rebekah Pressler - "Of further interest are a group of partially reduced roof tiles and a single brick from this layer. All of which date to the Late Medieval period. Four of the tiles and the brick fragment exhibit signs of burning or signifying they may have been re-used for a later hearth or fireplace"
      • Rita Baker
    • 30-10-2015

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  • Compacted
  • mid-brown
  • Clay.
  • Predominantly composed of broken and crushed CBM tiles (90%). Frequent medium fragments of slag/waste. Slag, modern glass and a small piece of oyster shell recovered.
  • width: 1.00 length: 3.00+ depth: 0.36
  • Diffuse boundaries into adjacent deposits (5007 & 5009)
  • Removed with trowel.


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Ceramic Building Material


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