Features at Elmswell Farm

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Basic Information

  • Boundary ditch running through TR4


  • Context: ELM_4239
    • Upper ditch fill in slot on western side of the trench
    • Rosie O'Toole
    • 24-8-2022
  • Context: ELM_4252
    • Upper ditch fill of boundary ditch running NE-SW through trench 4
    • Jeremy Bradsell
    • 31-8-2022
  • Context: ELM_4255
    • Ditch fill in L shaped slot at intersection of gully and ditch
    • Jodie Hannis
    • 31-8-2022
  • Context: ELM_4256
    • Cut of linear ditch running NE-SW diagonally across TR4
    • Jeremy Bradsell
    • 1-9-2022
  • Context: ELM_4261
    • Second fill of boundary ditch
    • Katie Willan
    • 1-9-2022
  • Context: ELM_4262
    • Second layer of silty chalky fill in ditch (Lisa and Joel)
    • Jodie Hannis
    • 2-9-2022
  • Context: ELM_4264
    • Cut of ditch in SW corner of trench 4
    • Lewellyn Toulmin
    • 3-9-2022
  • Context: ELM_4266
    • Cut of ditch where gully meets the ditch
    • Jodie Hannis
    • 3-9-2022
  • Context: ELM_4274
    • Third layer of fill in ditch (central slot)
    • Jeremy Bradsell
    • 3-9-2022
  • Context: ELM_4278
    • Basal fill of ditch [4266]
    • Lisa Hicks
    • 4-9-2022
  • Context: ELM_4279
    • Orange brown silty clay basal fill of ditch (middle slot)
    • Katie Willan
    • 4-9-2022


    • Ditch running NE-SW diagonally across TR4 which could be a boundary ditch. There is a possibility that this is a continuation of the enclosure ditch (F1108) seen running N-S across TR11. A gully (F474) meets the ditch in the Southwestern corner of the trench. In the NE corner, three other ditches (F465, F476 and 477) meet the feature with F465 and F476 meeting the ditch at the same point. An earlier phase of the ditch may have terminated towards the NE corner of the trench but it is unclear whether this feature (F475) is a terminus or a turn of an earlier phase.
      • Freddy Wannop
    • 27-4-2023

Dating Narrative

  • No Interpretations