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Features at Elmswell Farm

Basic Information

  • Substantial posthole close to wall F430


  • Context: ELM_4107
    • file_image
    • Cut of post hole
    • Ben Swain
    • 29-8-2020
  • Context: ELM_4108
    • file_image
    • Fill of post hole 4107
    • Ben Swain
    • 29-8-2020


    • A large substantial circular posthole, or small pit, was identified in close proximity to wall F430 with a copper alloy half ring SF106. Maybe associated wtih other postholes in the area F439 and F429.
      • David Wallace
    • 1-10-2020

Dating Narrative

    • Late 1st to 2nd century AD. A small group of grey ware pottery and an Ebor ware 1 sherd.
      • Chris Casswell
    • 4-12-2020


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